Relieving People from Difficulties with
Full Efforts without Seeking Heroic Name
Hong Kong Fire Services Department

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To many members of the community, the frontline personnel of the Hong Kong Fire Services Department (FSD) are unknown heroes. Mr LO Shu-nam, Deputy Chief Fire Officer (NT)/South, said, "Driven by their sense of mission, the fire and ambulance personnel spare no effort when facing danger, even at the risk of sacrificing their lives. The public's positive impression about us is not built overnight. Instead, it is a result of the unremitting efforts made by our colleagues over the years."

Upgrading Service Quality to Meet Needs of Community

For a long time, FSD's role has been more than fire-fighting and rescue. In recent years, its focus has been placed on the public's awareness of fire safety, as well as publicity and education. Consequently, its services have become more and more diversified, with increasing opportunities of getting in touch with the public. In addition, a number of measures have been introduced to upgrade its service quality. Some of these new measures even integrate with community efforts to enable better understanding of FSD by members of the public.

In order to enhance its work efficiency, the FSD has attached great importance to training, and has kept up efforts in sourcing and introducing more quality tools and equipment. In recent years, the training of its frontline personnel has been strengthened with, for instance, "real-fire training", "compartment fire behaviour training", "high-angle rescue training" and "urban search and rescue training." The "Incident Command Training Centre" at the Wong Tai Sin Fire Station has been in service since 2008, providing better and more comprehensive training for frontline personnel.

From 2005 onwards, FSD has implemented full paramedic ambulance service. In view of the need to stabilise patients' conditions so as to increase their survival rate before arriving at the hospital, some emergency medical treatments previously performed by doctors in the emergency rooms, such as intubation and administering electric shock, would now be carried out at scene by the ambulancemen. And with the launching of the First Responder programme, trained frontline firefighters will provide basic life support services to people with cardiac arrest and breathing problems before the arrival of ambulances, thus enhancing their survival chances.

Education as Point of Departure to Establish Community Connections

Mr Edmond TSE, Divisional Commander (Hong Kong West), added, "We will launch the Fire Safety Ambassador Scheme in primary and secondary schools, so as to arouse youngsters' fire safety awareness as early as possible." The FSD has co-organised with the Education Bureau the Enhanced Smart Teen Challenge Project, aiming to provide discipline, leadership and fire protection training to young people, and the project has indirectly enhanced FSD's public image.

Actively Responding to Public Demands by Attending to Details Caring About the Community and Public Good

The FSD reaches out to the public and actively responds to public demands by attending to details. Mr SHUM Kwok-leung, Senior Assistant Chief Ambulance Officer (HQ) gave an example, "Following the suggestion from the public to reduce the volume of ambulances' reverse alarm late in the night, now all ambulances use an intelligent system which automatically regulates the alarm volume and so reduces nuisance." In addition, the "After-fire Service" provided by FSD's Volunteer Team, actively assists vulnerable groups in rebuilding their homes after fire. The Department encourages her staff to care for the community and to actively engage in activities pursuing public good organised by various organisations.

Members of the community are deeply impressed with the firefighters' fearlessness and selflessness in saving people's lives.
The Enhanced Smart Teen Project enables secondary students to receive training at the Fire Services Training School located in Pat Heung to enhance their discipline, leadership and fire protection knowledge. The Project makes contributions to nurturing our community's young people and helps establish a positive image of the Department.
The FSD encourages staff to care for the community and help those in need.
In addition to her fire fighting and rescue work in the community, the FSD also participated in rescue work in last year's May Twelfth Sichuan Earthquake.