A Bridge between the Government and
the Public
Home Affairs Department

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The Home Affairs Department (HAD) is an important bridge between the Government and the public. It endeavours to understand and reflect the community's aspirations with a view to assisting the Government in formulating its policies, and to coordinate the work of various departments in the districts.

Another major task of the HAD is to promote the development of District Administration, to publicise the work and activities of the District Councils (DCs), and to provide support to the DCs. The HAD has been assisting DCs and local organisations in organising various activities to encourage public participation in community building, to foster community spirit in the neighbourhood and to enhance the sense of belonging among the community. These activities are wide-ranging and they include regular programmes, thematic projects, major events like district festivals, as well as publicity and promotional campaigns in support of Government's policies.

HAD also strives to improve district facilities and the living environment through the District Minor Works Programme. Since the launch of the Programme in 2007, over 1540 projects have been implemented covering the provision and enhancement of recreational and leisure facilities, greening projects etc.

As for its general services, there are 20 Public Enquiry Service Centres (PESCs) throughout the territory to serve the public. In 2008, PESCs provided services including administering declarations for private use, free legal advice and advice on rental matters for over 1.5 million occasions.

In the event of Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No. 8 or above, Landslip Warning, Red or Black Rainstorm Warning is issued, the HAD and its 18 District Offices will activate the Emergency Coordination Centres and the Emergency Hotline to provide the public with round-the-clock services. Where circumstances warrant or in the case of major incidents, the HAD will provide various support services such as setting up inter-departmental help desks at the scene or in the hospitals to coordinate emergency relief efforts and arrange temporary shelters for those affected. The HAD works closely with various Government departments and non-governmental organisations in ensuring various support and aftercare services are well coordinated.

The Civic Education Carnival was jointly organised by the Sham Shui Po District Office and the District Committee and sponsored by the District Council. The Carnival helped raise the sense of belonging among the community and promote the Government's policy on civic education.
The HAD implements the District Minor Works Programme in various districts to improve the facilities and living environment to meet local needs. The Tseung Kwan O Temporary Cycling Park is one of the examples.
The Public Enquiry Service Centres of the HAD in various districts are an effective communication channel between the Government and the public.