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At the beginning of the TV drama series "Fire Speed", Andy Lau sings the show's theme song, "With a heroic heart I embrace you, even in face of the burning flames," which highlights the courage and bravery of firefighters.

Jointly produced by the Hong Kong Fire Services Department (FSD) and the Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) and on the air from December 2010 to January 2011, "Fire Speed" is based on the real-life stories of the FSD's fire and ambulance services. The programme targeted enhancing public's awareness of FSD's work. The show was well-received; each episode attracted around 1.2 million viewers, representing nearly 90% of viewers and ranked at the top of the Television Programme Appreciation Index Survey 2010. Following the huge success of the first "Fire Speed" series, the FSD has decided to work with RTHK to produce a sequel this year.

Reaching out to the community

The FSD has adopted a more interactive approach to engaging with the community and delivering its message, said Mr Ricky Lo, Deputy Chief Fire Officer. For instance, with the "Ambulance Service Campaign", a large-scale variety show that aired in early July 2011, the FSD found a lively and engaging way to educate the public to avoid the abuse of emergency ambulance services.

Starting more than ten years ago, the FSD has been proactively reaching out to and working with the community to improve the quality of the department's services. Under the Building Fire Safety Envoys (BFSE) Scheme, the department has worked closely with building management companies, owners' corporations and community groups to equip envoys with training and knowledge to prevent fires. These envoys are encouraged to help improve fire prevention awareness in their communities. So far, the BFSE Scheme has attracted over a thousand participants. The FSD also trains the staff of various organisations, such as the MTR, large housing estates and shopping mall management companies, as "Heart Savers" who can use automated external defibrillators at their workplaces to rescue heart attack victims.

An iconic image

Firefighters and paramedics have a distinctive image of always being ready to sacrifice themselves to save others from danger. While everyone else runs away from danger, fire services officers rush into hazardous situations to save lives.

Mr Lo believes that, with their image as heroes, the true firefighter spirit lies in their commitment to serving the community. With their vision of "providing better services", the team always strives to give the public their best.

The department's noble spirit has garnered recognition from across all quarters of Hong Kong. No wonder the department has won the largest number of public votes in the Best Public Image Award this year six times consecutively.

The firefighter spirit lies in the commitment to serving the community.
The firefighter spirit lies in the commitment to serving the community.
Each episode of 'Fire Speed' attracted around 1.2 million viewers.
Each episode of "Fire Speed" attracted around 1.2 million viewers.
'Public Access Defibrillator' training course
"Public Access Defibrillator" training course
The 'Ambulance Service Campaign', a large-scale variety show
The "Ambulance Service Campaign", a large-scale variety show