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Hong Kong Fire Services Department

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The main duties of the Hong Kong Fire Services Department (FSD) include fire fighting, rescue on land and sea, and providing emergency ambulance service for the sick and the injured. In addition, the FSD emphasises fire safety education. In planning and organising fire education programmes, the FSD strives to integrate with the community and actively engage the public in order to foster a close partnership with people from all walks of life to promote fire protection and enhance public awareness of fire safety.

Getting community support to build safer community

Getting community support is the key to success for fire safety education. The FSD has implemented the Fire Safety Ambassador Scheme in all districts of Hong Kong. The scheme provides training courses where participants learn to use fire extinguishers and fire hoses, and visit fire stations and buildings to understand more about fire service installations and facilities. Citizens can volunteer to become Fire Safety Ambassadors or Fire Safety Ambassador Trainers after passing an assessment at the end of the course to help disseminate fire prevention messages to the public and report locations of fire hazards to the FSD.

The Community Relations Section of the department publishes a quarterly Fire Safety Newsletter to promote activities of Fire Safety Ambassadors, with readership including the ambassadors and the general public.

The Fire Safety Ambassador Scheme has gained wide support from the community since its implementation. Over 130,000 Fire Safety Ambassadors or Fire Safety Trainers have been recruited, taking on the important role of disseminating fire prevention messages to every corner of the community.

Reaching the public through mass media

The TV series "Elite Brigade" jointly produced with Radio Television Hong Kong has achieved much success. Based on real cases, the series presented viewers with touching stories of bravery acts by fire fighters and ambulancemen in saving lives. The weekly half-hour radio programme "Happy Daily" shares information on fire and ambulance services in a light-hearted style and has also won the hearts of its audience. Its review of disasters happened in Hong Kong has also enhanced audience's awareness of fire safety and prevention.

With the mission to protect Hong Kong citizens from fire and other calamities, members of the FSD serve with dedication in fire fighting, rescue, fire prevention, emergency ambulance service and fire safety education. The many fire safety education programmes available have raised public awareness of fire safety and gained community support, making Hong Kong a safe place to live and work.

The FSD is devoted to its fire fighting and rescue duties.
The FSD and RTHK jointly organised the Happy Daily Special – Fire Services Mid-Summer Carnival – to disseminate fire safety and ambulance services information.
The FSD organises Ambulance Service Roving Exhibitions in districts across Hong Kong to enhance the public's knowledge of ambulance services.