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The Hong Kong Police Force (HKPF) remains committed and dedicated to providing quality service and continuous improvement in order to better serve the public. Through engaging both the public and staff, applying the latest technology, and implementing progressive and innovative strategies, the Force has made continuous improvements to service quality to better meet public expectations.

New generation report room and enhanced communication platforms

Report rooms are an important communication platform between the HKPF and the public. By effectively using opinion surveys, the HKPF widely gathers both the views of the public and police officers at all levels in order to better enhance report room facilities and services. Their views were carefully considered when designing the new generation report rooms at Central Police Station and Wong Tai Sin Police Station, which came into operation in 2010 and 2012 respectively. Compared with traditional report rooms, the new generation report room provides a higher degree of privacy as well as a more comfortable and secure environment.

To move with the times, the HKPF has also been expanding its communication networks with greater use of social media. In addition to being able to make report via the Police Public Page, the public can also make use of the e-forms in the "Hong Kong Police Mobile Application" via smartphones to report 11 types of non-urgent cases or to make enquiries. Diversified reporting services meet the new generation's needs by saving time and enhancing convenience.

Encouraging innovation and staff participation

The HKPF attaches great importance to engaging staff in innovation. Various suggestion and award schemes are in place to encourage new ideas from staff members and to recognise the excellent services provided by different police districts. A typical example is the project "Report Easy" proposed by the staff in Mongkok District in the 2012 Service Quality Award Scheme, which suggested installing electronic ticket dispensers in report rooms for better queue management. The team also proposed building stronger liaison with malls and hotels in the district and assigning a designated team of colleagues to handle any unclaimed property during off-peak hours, so that higher efficiency and effectiveness can be achieved. The team won the competition and their ideas were now being adopted in other districts. Recognition of staff for proposing innovative ideas has also helped enhance staff morale.

With staff members and management sharing a common vision, the HKPF have successfully and continuously enhanced its service quality, bringing about a higher level of satisfaction from the public and, at the same time, greater staff satisfaction and sense of belonging.

HKPF managers actively engage frontline officers and listen to their suggestions.
The public can use e-forms to make non-urgent reports or enquiries through the Hong Kong Police Mobile Application via smartphones.
Counters in Wong Tai Sin New Generation Report Room are separated with ceiling-height partitions, which provide a higher degree of privacy.