Multi-disciplinary Partnership to
Build a Harmonious and Safe Community
Hong Kong Police Force - Kwai Tsing District

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Frontline police officers have daily interactions with people from all walks of life. Among them are those who need support for their mental well-being. "Project Dawn", launched by Kwai Tsing Police District, aims to identify persons with such a need at an early stage and partner with professional organisations in the district to offer counselling and support to them.

Proactive coordination among professional bodies

Setting up a multi-disciplinary professional case conference with psychiatrists from Kwai Chung Hospital, community mental health social workers and police officers as members is a core feature of the project. Potential high-risk cases are discussed at the conference where professionals jointly work out the most appropriate intervention for the persons in need.

The three main strategies the project adopted are: strengthening training of frontline police officers; early identification of cases; and a multi-disciplinary approach to intervention. Professionals from Kwai Chung Hospital are invited to conduct seminars for police officers to help them better understand the psychological state of people with mental health problems and equip them with skills for early detection and handling high-risk cases. At the police district management level, reports on cases relating to people with suspected mental health problems are reviewed daily. Cases that warrant immediate support are referred to Kwai Chung Hospital and other welfare organisations for intervention and follow-up by professionals.

Dedicated task force for ensuring success

A dedicated task force has been set up to follow up cases for providing continuous support to the persons in need as well as to their family members. Members in the task force are mainly frontline police officers who possess good interpersonal communication skills and basic knowledge of counselling. They keep regular contact with patients and their family members to stay update on their conditions, and take proactive actions by coordinating with professional organisations to ensure appropriate assistance and support is available to them when required.

"Project Dawn" has not only successfully made contribution to coordinating multidisciplinary professional support for people in need, but also helped building a safer and more harmonious community in Kwai Tsing. Building on the success of this project, this service model has been employed to help other vulnerable population such as people with suicidal tendencies and elderly persons with financial problems suspected of committing shoplifting offences. Identified cases are referred to professional organisations to provide the necessary support and assistance.

The Kwai Tsing Police District organises seminars run by mental health professionals to provide frontline officers with the skills required to handle special cases.
Management of the police distict provides careful oversight by reviewing all police reports involving mental health problems on a daily basis to ensure the cases are thoroughly handled.
Designated team members communicate with family members of those suffering with mental health issues to provide suitable and professional support.