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Hong Kong Police Force - Police Dog Unit

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There are over 100 police dogs serving the territory. They include Malinois, Labrador Retrievers, and Springer Spaniels. With their police handlers, they are deployed every day to carry out duties which include general patrol and searching for narcotics and explosives. In doing so, they play a significant role in the fight against crime.

Specialised training for multi-functional deployment

The Police Dog Unit (PDU) has a rich history of over 60 years, evolving from a setup with only four patrol dogs to the current scale. Patrol dogs' strong physique and fast reactions make them ideal in engaging multiple violent suspects, providing invaluable support to police officers in dealing with violent incidents. Recently, the PDU has implemented an innovative scheme "Dual-purpose Dog" to enhance the flexibility of dog deployment. In the past, different breeds of police dogs were trained to perform either patrol or search duties. This innovative scheme provides special training to "upgrade" patrol dogs to perform "patrol-plus-narcotics-search" tasks, providing added value to the unit.

To help in the fight against drug-related crimes, the PDU has embarked on another initiative to train Labrador Retrievers, which are relatively gentle and possess superior olfactory ability, to take up drug search duty. When they detect drugs on a suspect or at a certain spot, they will sit next to the suspect or the target spot waiting for their police handlers' further investigation.

Recruiting abandoned dogs to serve

The PDU adopts abandoned dogs which have potential to be trained for police duties. This arrangement not only saves their life, but also provides additional "dogpower" to the unit. Trainers in the unit train these dogs with extra effort and care to rebuild their trust in humans.

The PDU also puts in place a comprehensive care system for retired police dogs. In conjunction with the Independent Commission Against Corruption, the unit has developed a set of clear guidelines and procedures for the adoption of retired police dogs. This is to ensure all adoption applications are handled fairly and the retired dogs are properly cared for.

Police dogs and their handlers are great partners in maintaining law and order. The excellent work of the PDU has been widely recognised by the community.

Police dogs undertake regular training to hone their skills.
Drug detection dogs provide an important service, assisting police patrol duties at MTR Stations.
A patrol dog under drug detection training.