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Through science, innovation and partnership, the Hong Kong Observatory (HKO) provides people-oriented quality services in meteorology and related fields. The department has developed a variety of innovative weather services to meet the needs of different target groups, and actively promotes meteorological education to the public for enhancing the society's ability to prevent and respond to natural disasters.

Fostering public participation to enhance services

The HKO has established various channels to foster communication and exchange with the public as well as experts in the field. Customer liaison groups for different sectors such as transport, logistics and aviation have been formed to provide suggestions for improving services. The "Friends of the Observatory" aims to collect views and suggestions from the community, while the "Hong Kong Observatory Strategic Advisory Committee" comprised of local and international experts provides expert opinion to the Observatory. The HKO has developed various weather information services which are tailored to different user groups, for example, significant convection forecasts specific to the needs of air traffic controllers, and specific real-time weather information tailored for aviation sport, water sport, hiking and mountaineering lovers, giving them the required information to plan and organise their activities. Since its introduction in 2010, this service has won much praise from users.

To nurture and collaborate

To "Nurture" is one of the HKO's core values. In order to increase public knowledge of meteorology and provide real-time weather information to the public, the HKO and the Department of Applied Physics of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University have jointly set up a community weather information network. In addition to involving members of the community to share weather observation data, the programme also teaches the public about weather observations, thus deepening their understanding of various natural disasters and climate change.

The HKO has been in close collaboration with partners to exert synergy and achieve win-win results. An excellent example is the collaboration between the HKO and the Government Flying Service to deploy an aircraft to successfully collect meteorological data of tropical cyclones. This fully demonstrates the joint effort across departments and their enthusiasm to serve the public.

Working round the clock in all weather conditions, and serving with heart and science, the HKO has excelled in providing timely and accurate weather information, safeguarding Hong Kong people from natural disasters.

Forecasters at the Airport Meteorological Office provide information on severe convection to air traffic controllers.
The Observatory disseminates updated information via various channels, to minimize the impact of inclement weather to the public.
Through the Community Weather Information Network organised by the Observatory, schools and local communities promote learning of weather observations and climate change.