Creativity in Presenting the History
and Culture of the Qin Dynasty
Leisure and Cultural Services Department

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(Cantonese with English subtitles)

"The Majesty of All Under Heaven: The Eternal Realm of China's First Emperor" exhibition presented by the Hong Kong Museum of History of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department in 2012 was a huge success. Attracting over 420,000 visitors, it provided a unique opportunity for the public to appreciate the most important cultural relics of the Qin dynasty and to gain a greater insight into this epoch-making era.

Meeting the challenges and formulating an integrated service strategy

Relics of the Qin dynasty are extremely rare, and organising an exhibition of this kind is a formidable task. Thanks to its great dedication and genuine passion as well as a close partnership with the State Administration of Cultural Heritage and the Shaanxi Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau, the department successfully arranged to borrow 120 invaluable relics/sets of artefacts to be showcased in the exhibition; with around 40% of these classified as grade one cultural relics including 20 terracotta figures, the number of on-loan exhibits exceeded by far the borrowing limits normally approved for outbound exhibitions.

To create the best experience for visitors, the museum team collected opinions of the public through a variety of channels with a view to developing an integrated service strategy. Special arrangements were introduced – the opening hours of the museum were extended, real-time crowd controls were implemented and special exhibition ambassadors were employed – while the museum continued to collect feedback from the public during the exhibition period via questionnaires, mobile apps, Facebook and other tools in order to enhance the quality of the service.

Innovative presentation through creativity and technology

With a strong foundation based on academic research, the team developed six major multimedia programmes, innovatively and creatively challenging the conventions to record pioneering results in both the exhibition contents and display methods. Using the synergy generated by the inventive minds of the younger team members and the rich professional experience and knowledge of the senior staff, the team was able to apply cutting-edge immersive technology in the presentation of the exhibition: embraced by a mega projection of vivid images on a 270° screen, visitors could enjoy a spectacular, breathtaking virtual tour that took them back 2,000 years in time to witness the construction, destruction, excavation and conservation of the terracotta army pits of the Mausoleum of Qin Shihuang. This groundbreaking presentation of history was the first of its kind at any museum.

Not only helping the museum broaden its audience base, but also stimulating the public's interest in history, the resounding success of the exhibition would not have been possible without the commitment and creativity of the team.

The spectacular and innovative panoramic projection on a mega screen took visitors on a virtual tour of the Qin dynasty.
Creativity beyond the museum's walls: unique features included an outdoor 3-D painting, stairways turned into terracotta army pits and cartoon versions of the famous warriors
The fashion design competition "Fashion • Warrior" complementing the exhibition broke the boundaries between history, culture and art.