Strive for Continuous Improvement and Move with Times
Hong Kong Fire Services Department

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The Hong Kong Fire Services Department (FSD) is dedicated to fulfilling its mission of “Serving with courage, passion and commitment”. In the drive towards service enhancement, FSD solicits views from its staff and members of the public from time to time through interactive exchanges. Internally, FSD fosters mutual understanding through various channels, such as regular meetings with staff unions and associations, as well as dialogues between management and frontline staff. Externally, FSD collects views through, among others, the Public Liaison Group, Fire Safety Ambassador Scheme / Building Fire Safety Envoy Scheme, and District Councils and the Legislative Council, in addition to the trade. FSD also has frequent contacts with its counterparts in other countries/territories, through which new techniques and knowledge could be secured.

A break with tradition: active response to the needs of the community

Recent years have seen a rapid blossoming of social media. It is in this context that “Anyone” is created to promote public education in an innovative manner. The unorthodox character has succeeded in putting emergency rescue messages like “Anyone can save lives”, “Dare to do, save a life” as well as “Extinguish and Prevent Fire, Self-help and Help others, Escape and Evacuate” across the community. And this has ushered in a new milestone for community emergency preparedness education. Meanwhile, to meet the growing demand for ambulance services in Hong Kong amidst an ageing population, FSD has introduced a new system for the provision of post-dispatch advice. Personnel of the Fire Services Communications Centre can instantly provide callers with first aid advice over the phone with the assistance of the computer system after dispatching an ambulance to the scene, making it possible for patients to receive proper care at an early stage. Separately, Portable Ultrasound Sonography has also been introduced to facilitate a more timely diagnosis. It means that a diagnosis can be conducted right on the spot by ambulance officers of the Rapid Response Vehicle, while in the past, such diagnosis could only be made until on arrival at an accident and emergency department. The new equipment, together with saline, tranexamic acid, and pelvic stabilisers, significantly boosts the survival rate of trauma victims.

Value staff as important partners and put people first

FSD has recognised its staff as important partners and welcomes new ideas from them. The department encourages its members in different positions to receive professional training, pursue continuous study and make good use of the online learning platforms. Meanwhile, the newly established Psychological Services Unit, in conjunction with the existing Peer Support Team, has been effective in providing support to FSD’s members and bolstering their sense of belonging by helping them reduce stress at work and embrace positive thinking.

FSD has responded proactively to the ever-changing needs of the community. It is committed to providing the public with people-oriented professional services, while striving for continuous improvement to make Hong Kong a safe place for everyone.

The well-known character “Anyone” disseminates educational information on emergency preparedness, fire and ambulance services.
Instant advice to callers by personnel of the Fire Services Communications Centre according to the new post-dispatch advice system successfully helps alleviate patients’ condition and increase their survival rate.
Ambulance officers examine a patient’s condition with the use of Portable Ultrasound Sonography, which allows them to make proper diagnosis right on the spot.