Together We Thrive - A Vibrant New Era of High Speed Rail
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Convergence of Efforts to Excel High Speed Rail Services

Overcoming 18 years of challenges in planning, design and construction, the 26-km long Hong Kong Section of the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Rail Link (XRL) has ultimately come to fruition and has commenced service. This is achieved by the convergence of relevant departments’ incessant collaboration and unfailing efforts to provide safe, reliable and comfortable cross-boundary high speed rail services connecting to the national high speed rail network.

People-oriented innovative design

The Hong Kong Section of the XRL was built underground with stabling sidings, emergency rescue sidings and eight ventilation buildings. The West Kowloon Station was also constructed underground to maximise the aboveground green open space. The public can enjoy the mesmerising scenery of the Victoria Harbour on the rooftop of the station. Tree-like structural columns in the station create a spacious and comfortable waiting area. With streamlined skylights which bring abundant natural light into the station, and extensive application of energy-saving setups such as the seawater-cooled chiller system, the energy efficiency of the station is greatly enhanced. Relevant departments have also actively adopted innovative technologies such as the enhanced e-Channels, handheld customs clearance devices and dual-purposed fire engines etc. to take service standards to a new level.

Seamless partnering and collaboration

An inter-departmental liaison and coordination mechanism was implemented in as early as the planning and design stages of the project. The Highways Department was responsible for the overall coordination and liaison, while other relevant departments contributed their efforts in various designated aspects including safety, fire services, emergency rescue, and customs, immigration and quarantine (CIQ) matters.

The project team encountered a lot of challenges while constructing the underground station in a busy urban area, including complicated construction sequences and logistical arrangements, and complex structures with building services, electrical and mechanical systems and CIQ facilities. This called for comprehensive work plans, close liaison and collaboration amongst relevant parties to coordinate construction interfaces and CIQ arrangements. When there were different views, the project team ironed out issues and achieved synergy by maintaining close communication, holding discussions, brainstorming and having mutual understanding. With unremitting efforts, the Hong Kong section of the XRL successfully came into operation in September 2018.

Serving with the best endeavours

After the opening of the Hong Kong Section of the XRL, all relevant departments have been maintaining close liaison and collaboration to continuously evaluate and improve service quality with a view to keeping up the smooth operation of the XRL and delivering quality services to passengers.

Relevant departments maintained close partnership to ensure the smooth implementation of the project.
The exterior of the West Kowloon Station.
The arrival hall of the West Kowloon Station.