Civil Service Outstanding
Service Award Scheme 2019

Since 1999, the Civil Service Bureau has been organising the Civil Service Outstanding Service Award Scheme on a biennial basis. The objectives of the Scheme are to recognise the efforts of departments and teams which provide excellent service, to promote a customer-focused culture in the civil service, and to inspire departments and teams for continuous improvement in the delivery of public services.

The 2019 Scheme is underway. Awards are presented at three levels, namely –

  • the inter-departmental Partnership Award for bureaux/departments that have succeeded in achieving notable service enhancement through collaboration;
  • the departmental awards, comprising the Departmental Service Enhancement Award (further divided into Large Department and Small Department categories) and the Best Public Image Award; and
  • the team awards, comprising five categories, namely General Service, Specialised Service, Regulatory Service, Crisis Support and Internal Support.

The adjudication adopts a rigorous two-stage process. The boards of adjudicators at the first stage consist of experts and practitioners from the relevant fields. At the second stage, Legislative Councillors and District Councillors, representatives from professional bodies and staff side members of the Central Consultative Councils of the Civil Service, and senior directorate officers of the Civil Service Bureau serve on the final adjudication panels.

For the Best Public Image Award, a random sample of members of the public and all Members of the Legislative Council and District Councils are invited to vote to select winning bureaux/departments.