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Civil Service Outstanding Service Award Scheme

The Civil Service Bureau organises the Civil Service Outstanding Service Award Scheme on a biennial or triennial basis. The Scheme aims to recognise the exceptional achievements of departments and teams in providing quality service; promote a citizen-centric culture in the civil service; encourage team spirit; inspire innovation; and share experience in pioneering public service improvement. For the 2022 Scheme, we introduce for the first time the “Innovation and Technology Award” in collaboration with the Innovation, Technology and Industry Bureau to recognise bureaux/departments (B/Ds) which are proactive in devising and implementing innovative measures and impactful solutions, and encourage a wider adoption of innovation and technology by civil servants to improve public services.

Awards under the Scheme are presented at four levels, namely –

    (I) The Excellence in Partnership Award for quality services provided to the public through collaboration among departments;
    (II) The Excellence in Service Enhancement Award, comprising the Large Department Category and the Small Department Category, for departments’ exceptional achievements in continuous service enhancement;
    (III) The Excellence in Team Collaboration Award, comprising five categories, namely General Service, Specialised Service, Internal Service, Regulatory Service and Crisis Management, aims to commend the unity and concerted efforts of a team in providing professional service for the public; and
    (IV) The Innovation and Technology Award, comprising three categories, namely Best Use of Technology, Best Citizen-centric Innovation, and Best Stakeholder Collaboration, aims to commend B/Ds’ proactive efforts in proposing and implementing innovative measures and effective technological solutions.