Smart Parking Meters Mean New Features + New Experience
Transport Department

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It comes as no surprise that a smart city like Hong Kong pioneers many initiatives of smart mobility. To better serve the public, the Transport Department (TD) launched new on-street parking meters in 2021. Currently, there are around 10 400 new on-street parking meters installed in the territory. Not only has the design of parking meters changed but their functions have also been enhanced, providing a brand-new parking experience to motorists. Just one word “Easy” means all when you are looking for vacant spaces, parking your vehicles, paying fees and extending parking time.


The use of an electronic ink display panel with built-in spotlights enables the public to see clearly the messages displayed on the parking meters even in strong sunlight. A 24-hour customer service hotline and the QR code of the mobile application “HKeMeter” are also displayed on the parking meters so that people can download the apps readily and get answers to their enquiries shortly. On top of the new webpages about parking meters, TD produced videos by key opinion leaders (KOL) teaching the public key features of the new parking meters and the mobile applications. What’s more is that real-time information can be disseminated to motorists through “HKeMeter”, the mobile / web version of HKeMobility and the website of DATA.GOV.HK to assist motorists in finding vacant parking spaces.


The sensors in the new parking meters make use of the technology of millimetre wave radar to detect whether roadside parking spaces are occupied, thereby reducing the time required for locating vacant parking spaces and easing the traffic generated by circulating vehicles. This reduces fuel consumption and vehicle emissions. The sensors are capable of detecting the occupancy of parking spaces, and will not collect any personal information, vehicle types or vehicle registration numbers. The new parking meters support various electronic payment methods, which suit people’s preference of paying parking fees either on-site or topping up remotely through the “HKeMeter” app without commuting to and from the parking meters. One more added function is the location service in “HKeMeter” which again makes it easy for motorists to plan their routes to the parking spaces nearby. Motorists can also enable the notification function in the app to receive reminder messages on extending, if necessary, the parking time remotely.

With a view to accelerating the development of a smart city, TD keeps working closely with various stakeholders to enhance the functions of parking meters. Look, TD is always “with” you!

Smart use of technology: the display screen of the parking meter has newly adopted an electronic ink display panel and built-in spotlights. A solar panel is installed on its top while the back is equipped with sensors to detect whether a parking space is occupied.
The “HKeMeter” uses a simple interface design. Motorists can enable the notification function in the app for receiving reminder messages about extending parking time and making remote payments of parking fees.
Information about the occupancy and location of available parking spaces in different districts is provided to help people locate vacant parking spaces quickly.