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Through flexible and innovative thinking, the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) is committed to creating a safe, reliable and energy-efficient electrical and mechanical (E&M) living environment for the citizens of Hong Kong. In supporting the policy direction related to the development of Innovation and Technology (I&T), EMSD assumed the role of an Innovation Facilitator and established the E&M InnoPortal in June 2018 to facilitate the strengthening of the collaboration of government departments and public bodies with the I&T sector to encourage the application of innovative technology to improve services, support smart city development and achieve carbon neutrality.


The E&M InnoPortal lists the E&M service wishes of various government departments and public organisations. Interested parties (such as universities and start-ups) can consider proposing relevant I&T solutions for matching the wishes. EMSD will identify suitable venues for successfully matched projects to conduct trials in the form of prototype testing and pilot projects and will upload validated performance reports onto the E&M InnoPortal for reference by the public in order to promote I&T research and application. As of November 2022, E&M InnoPortal has collected more than 420 I&T wishes and 1 000 I&T solutions and facilitated more than 160 I&T trials.


EMSD has been collaborating closely with strategic partners and has signed Memoranda of Co-operation with eight local academic institutes, seven research institutions and three I&T institutions from the Greater Bay Area to establish strategic partnerships. These strategic partners, representing a significant share of start-ups and top-notch solution experts from research and academic institutions, provide solid support to EMSD in its work on I&T.

Leveraging the groundwork on the E&M InnoPortal, EMSD will continue to promote the platform and strengthen the network with I&T solution providers to drive wider adoption of I&T in the Government and to co-create I&T solutions for enhancing government services to the public.

For details of E&M InnoPortal, please visit inno.emsd.gov.hk.

The online platform - E&M InnoPortal facilitates the matching of the Government’s I&T wishes with solutions from the I&T sector.
The first Signing Ceremony of Memorandum of Co-operation for E&M InnoPortal in June 2019 established strategic partnerships with local universities and R&D institutions.
Some matched projects are showcased at the E&M InnoZone located at EMSD Headquarters.